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  1. EVAN95464

    i ment after it gets approved also coding takes time and im not giving him shit for the stuff that is fucked up unlike everyone else
  2. EVAN95464

    give him the perms then to the stuff he needs to fix
  3. EVAN95464

    man you should become senior Dev or temporary senior Dev well they are away because your the only Dev available we should have you if ares or a head admin approves it you be temp/perm senior Dev
  4. EVAN95464

    What you do to get banned?
  5. EVAN95464

    The gun that shoots a epi is so they can get people that have been Armand
  6. EVAN95464

    I believe medics should have esp And a gun that shoots a epi So they can respond to people and get their body’s
  7. EVAN95464

  8. EVAN95464

    market place
  9. EVAN95464

    its worth liek 50k at most
  10. EVAN95464

    good job man helping people out
  11. EVAN95464

    let’s make RaR ghost hawks shoot epis from their mini guns
  12. EVAN95464

    good man plege
  13. EVAN95464

    Wait you get warpoints from feds?
  14. EVAN95464

    Yea that is the real question
  15. EVAN95464

    Never know with them cops expeshially the deputies

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