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  1. Tip 1: Pull a AT and just camp Weed pro with it.
  2. Make it so when cops are killed they drop any dope shots/EPI pens they have on them. Does not apply to anything else

    1. Doof


      I would understand dope shots but not epis

    2. Monks


      Jesus I have never seen a worse idea in my life

  3. Tackle brutal football GIF on GIFER - by Gavinrawield

    APD seniors destroying people attempting to do a fed in 2021

  4. PO running around a corner screaming "tackle"
  5. Record the rule break then submit a report
  6. #16 if you can rat any arrests possible #17 Give weapons to new spawns so they RDM then arrest them for money #18 Camp bottleneck if you need quick cash
  7. In your clip Maridith kills you 2 mins into the video so it does not fully show the full RP window so it got denied for lack of evidence
  8. Merge the servers 


    1. Maddox


      the only people against this is the people that use it as a money printer 🙂

    2. Grandma Gary
    3. Hunter


      Just bite the bullet and merge the two servers @ Ryan

  9. Shut down s2 and merge it permanently with s1

  10. 5900x 4ghz gtx 1080 32gb ram A 500gb and 1tb nvme drive
  11. So you're shooting yourself in the foot by refusing to take the vaccine because you have debt? You do realize the vaccine is free.
  12. is it just me that likes to wear the wetsuit even when I won't be fighting in the water?

    1. lukie


      no,  shut up

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