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  1. HutnerGunner

    Looking to buy cop stings and cop spar 16
  2. HutnerGunner

    you might want to take a image of inventory aswellas well
  3. HutnerGunner

    jesus they made t4 hard to get
  4. MobZ is such a shit gang all they can do is body camp people

  5. HutnerGunner

    Why their a new exit option for helis - _ -
  6. Make it so if a cop is Tazed you can Restraine him even if there is not 3 people around 

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    2. PJ228


      Just get good and do what Grego! did. Kidnap a Corporal right infront of 3 other cops B)

    3. Unjo


      I'll see what I can do

    4. Dante


      AIDS. When that became a thing nobody did anything besides camp HQs. 

  7. What is better sting or Pdub

  8. HutnerGunner

    @dkline nobody would spend 20m on that house In kav
  9. HutnerGunner

    Nice job I redact my previous statement
  10. HutnerGunner

    I wonder why nobody is buying your houses
  11. HutnerGunner

    can you do 1000 if they are from all of your members?
  12. HutnerGunner

    Yikes how many kidneys I got to give you for the shed?
  13. HutnerGunner

    Sure can I also get apd sirens
  14. HutnerGunner

    How the selling going?

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