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  1. What happens with warning points and what happens after you get to a certain one

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    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Evannn is a good example of how I do "warning points" ^_____^

    3. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      The points are normally brain-dead as fuck either way got a point for recruiting for the 2nd team of the gang I was in on the recruitment page. Was also fun getting a point over outlining what I think should be bannable

    4. Millennium


      I got a warning point for saying the color black in spanish

  2. New mandalorian series is cool 

    1. NokiaStrong


      yeah excited for it

  3. Vigi Gang


    Never watched him
  4. Vigi Gang


    i meant to remove from friends list got bored and then started blocking random people on my iphone also deleting all discord messages sent by you to me
  5. Vigi Gang


    i said put it on retailer then i told you nvm so logical reasoning is to wait the 15m or send a message back and not delete are entire conversation on discord
  6. Vigi Gang


  7. Vigi Gang


  8. Vigi Gang


    Watch out this guy is a scammer his ingame name is [TBL] Diablos and his discord is R. Diablos#4738 https://gyazo.com/01213323dfada6ecd5bbc99d36e3d61c is the photo he sends people calming it is his house
  9. @Ryan unban Hadi Mokad

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    2. Jerrod


      im pretty sure he o7'd @Vigi Gang

    3. Vigi Gang

      Vigi Gang

      @Jerrod wouldent call leaking everyones ips 07ing or making videos and threatening to harm ikled irl and get olympus demonetized 

    4. PurgEe


      @Vigi Gang No one gives a fuck

  10. @Ryan Whats gonna happen to S3? 

    1. maxg


      It should just be used as a Cartel Event/GW server imo

    2. Vcx


      Umm can I get on and sell gang shed @Ryan

  11. How would them giving us money work?
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