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  1. https://gyazo.com/6b7baeeb740d5514b8a3014eab722df5 I want offers
  2. Bob ross I think it was actually you I got the idea from
  3. I'm saying you only receive 5k not a additional for people who broke and sit in kav all day and might get body camped
  4. Medics get nothing new ever I think it would be cool if people who are to broke to afford to request medics can still have the option to pick them up. The medic would get like 5000 dollars from the government or something like that
  5. Can he land north west athira is the real question
  6. Its so close to the pd you can hear them proccessing if you want to keep them from not being able to proccess by shooting 1 bullet this is the house give me prices
  7. Buying any tasers

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