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Ok so I am trying to help a friend with his PC and I'm totally stuck 

So here's the issue he started to reset windows 10 in order to get a clean slate 

Whilst reinstalling Windows it was stuck at 2% and he restarted his computer 

Now he is getting a black screen on start up

We tried to launch it in safe mode but for some reason safe mode will not launch 

Thinking it was an issue with his graphics card drivers we pulled out the graphics card and used Intel's integrated graphics and got the same black screen 


He has an Acer motherboard with an Intel I5 2320 @3.00ghz


Any help is welcome 

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Guest Hadi Mokdad

@Jeff Chaplin Remove the bios battery  and keep the pc off for 15 minutes. then re install the battery.After that you should find the bios plug its a small plastic pin on the board. remove that as well , turn pc on it should reset everything back to normal after that turn off pc and reinstall that pin.

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