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Hello all, many of you know me as Produs or Pastor Produs. I have been on and off of this server since June 2014. I joined the forums in July of 2014 I'm pretty sure. I have seen many good community members come and go. I would like to tell you that I am not leaving. 


My many hours and hours of wasting my life away in Kavala and shooting unarmed people just to get some clothes is over.


I am changing my life around and for the good.


I have joined a rehabilitation program to straighten myself out and hopefully I can get full support from the community. 


So this is a new introduction. An introduction to the new me. One who isn't a shitter and I have full support from @Grenade65 @ScreaM @Nuski @Bobey and @Deimos. Also @shearsy told me he was going to donate 300 thousand dollars to the rehabilitation center that I am at. 


Thank you all that support and FUCK you, I mean, god bless those that don't as well. 


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