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To The People That Like Rap/Hip Hop

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Just thought i'd share my Spotify playlist of my fav rap/hip hop songs. https://open.spotify.com/user/no_fails/playlist/53Sja2IW69bUMbRmE6aiDr Let me know what y'all think and hit me with that Follow if you like it :)

Also. I understand there's a lot of older songs on there but I generally listen to the songs halfway down the list and lower. Those are dope.


Also this is a general music thread. What type of songs do you like/favorite overall songs. Can be specifically Rap/Hip Hop but if it's popular songs that's cool too




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9 minutes ago, OlympusAccount said:

I can't figure out how to change the picture for playlists. How do you do that?

On your PC you right click the playlist and click "Edit Details" from there you can edit the description, name and Image.

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2 minutes ago, ISherer99 said:

I can put a lot of respect on this playlist, a majority of those artists I listen to daily. I would recommend you check out some more of Young Thugs music and take a listen to Migos new album. Oh and Post Malone is pretty good if you want to give him a listen too.

Yeeeeees! I have a lot of Post Malone and Migos' new album on there. Young Thug is eh for me tbh but I still do have a couple of songs of his.

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2 minutes ago, ISherer99 said:

Yes, Post Malone has been my #1 artist for a pretty long time with Go Flex and Too Young coming out I was hooked. It's always nice to find someone with the same taste of music as me!

Oh yea. Post Malone is great. No Option and Patient have to be my favorite songs from his latest album. What i'm really waiting for is an album by him but more importantly Drake's More Life that's supposed to drop this month. Along with Meek Mill's DC4.5 that's supposed to drop the same day or a day later according to him.

and Deja Vu

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36 minutes ago, TheRandomOne said:

I'm really sad this is considered good hip hop. I was hoping to get some new music.

its a short playlist but if you are looking for some interesting hip hop heres mine https://play.spotify.com/user/quintinxd1/playlist/7JDhLKRwlz7Kn6MQ4BzFbf

got a few tracks you may not know on there


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I'll build an actual play list when I get home but as for some real hip hop artists:

Token - Doozy: https://youtu.be/4UwH97qI0aM


Rafael Casal - Fuego:https://youtu.be/Gly7DAL1FdU

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn: https://youtu.be/OO18F4aKGzQ

Tech N9ne - He's a mental Giant: https://youtu.be/GupJwtLRp8Y


This is just to get started of course, but better than that drake/desiigner  garbage

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