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cop gear on civ

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The cop textures on civ (for dep/po clothes) used to have no insignia on the side so you could pretend to be either PO or Dep. now it has an insignia, and it is the dep insignia. please remove it or make it the po one, cause it looks like a deputy uniform and an mx. also can you PLEASE make it so that corp uniforms can be gotten on civ. thanks.


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Just now, Jesse said:

You see. Believe it or not. This was actually the case before.
Secondly, this is actually something the developers would handle. Since it's code based.

Chop chop. Maybe get to fixin instead of typing! Oh wait... I guess you do have to type... awkward. 



Yeah, I've noticed this problem as well many times. I can't ask for uniforms anymore because they just de texture into a range master outfit. 

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