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I tried to like the game and the sever even donated.

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But in the end I don't think I will play any more to many people on the edge of RP. Turns out my video recorder failed me and I cant report the guy for is poor attempt at RP that was really nothing more than RDM. If someone complies with you. You can shoot them damnit. In any case I wont waste any more time trying to get started in this game. I spent 18hrs to get a little bit of gear to lose it all and have to start all over again. 


Just not worth it I think. I might try again with a few friends but would bet not.


Best of luck to the server just not worth getting my video cap working right just to report people and yet start over again and again just to get a foothold.

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Shit happens man. On my first day of playing with my friends, we wound up pooling ALL of our money together and bought a HEMTT Transport.. We loaded it up with Diamonds, and set off to the green zone, thinking you just couldn't be killed there. And of course, some asshole rolls in and RDMs us. It's the shittiest, most discouraging feeling.. But it makes the game that much greater when you finally get on your feet. You need something to look back on.

Take this shitty situation and build on it IMO

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If you stick at it and do avoid karvala .... You'll gett there , and once you have made your first mill life gets better join some guys doing a run of some kind hell if your ever on sever 3 I can pay you to process for me lol

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Here is what happened.


A gangmate and I just finished selling our drugs and were sitting on ~$1M a piece. We get to a service station, get to the ATM and hear an offroad rolling up on us. We stop what we're doing, turn around and now have our guns up at Larry. He's still on the main road and driving directly for us, so we tell him to "Stop the car OR drive the heck away". We're now on one side of gas pump, and he pulls straight in to the other. (Okay you're stopping) He stops the car, so we're moving around to surround his truck and then he starts driving off.


"If during this 5 seconds a player attempts to fire or flee you may consider RP engaged."


He hasn't said a word to us so we don't know what he's thinking, he could have easilyy VDMed us. My mate shot first and I killed him, this all happened in 4-5 seconds but he made no attempt at communication and wasn't decisive on his action. Had you said "Okay okay! Don't shoot I'm leaving!" you wouldn't have been shot.


Have a little common sense.. If you see two geared guys in front of you it's probably not a good idea to roll up on them. (Unless of course you're looking for trouble) At absolute best, unless you're super entertaining and harmless, even IF you comply.. you're going to get robbed or lose your kidney. We're not going to risk our gear over someone that has a lot less to lose.. You could try to kill us, you could have a friend already on us, or you could try to turn us in.


We did nothing wrong, but I'll be on this weekend and if I see you online.. I'll wire you some money. 18 hrs to get a little gear? Quit running diamonds and do something illegal. If you're this mad right now just wait until you lose your first hemtt.. :rolleyes:

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Your timing on what happened is wrong I was at the pump when you said stop or leave so I started to leave. Am not mad I know what to expect over all but when you think from what you know to be true are complying with what they want and they shoot you anyway its not right and not following the rules imo. Yes I know I should have drove off or stayed back until you had gone.


Problem over all is everyone has to assume everyone else will cheat the system not RP and so 5 seconds turns to 2 seconds. Leave or die turns to if you move you die. Drop all you stuff turns to you die if you have nothing to drop. These are all things that have happened to me playing.


While I understand that you die you lose stuff is all part of the game. I do feel most if not everyone I have run into are so worried about someone else cheating they are themselves breaking rules or at minimum bending the hell out of them.


I guess I will give it another shot and try and get my video cap working playing arma first before I try and rely on it playing on a server.


And PWR am sure you guys think you did nothing wrong, I think you did and maybe if we where in each others seats at the time we see things different. I will leave it at that. Good luck to you.

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