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Prices of Gang Warehouses

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Hello everyone.

You may have seen me ask this before, but I really need a thorough answer to this question:

1. What is the price of a gang warehouse?

2. What is the upkeep cost?

3. what are the available upgrades?

4. what is the max storage space?

5. what is the cost for each storage upgrade?

I am planning on starting a new business apart from my brokerage service that will require me to start an excel spreadsheet to calculate the expenses involved. Thank you for your time in answering these.

While I'm here, I was also wondering: is it possible to delete a forum post, and if so- how? As a sort of neat freak, I don't want to have too many posts cluttering my profile.

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1. 20 Mil
2. Dependes on the amount Upgraded, 2mil / 30 Days if 10/10 Storage and 10/10 Crates
3. Starts at 1000 and upgrades 10 times to 10,0000 at 1.5mil, Storge Crates are the same just crates
4. 10K
5. 1.5 Mil per Invitory and Stoagre 

So a Make Inv Shed will Cost 35mil and 50mil for both Inv/Storage 

Max*  Cant spell today

i know this bc I own it ;)

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