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APD constonable questions

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Is there a certain time of the day to take the constable test?

How long do you have to be a cadet before you can take the constable test?

Are the questions similar or different than the first Apd interview?

What does the constable test entail?

Is it true if you fail the constable test twice you get black listed or is that just a rumor?

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1. No it's done at the sergeants discretion. I would suggest playing for as much time as possible and then letting a Sergeant know how long you have been playing as a cadet.  


2. 3 days however I recommend more. 


3. All questions are based off the handbook. 


4. Usually a verbal quiz with a ride along. All depends on who you get. 


5. I don't know the exact details but if you continuously fail I assume they would kick you off.  

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for the blacklist question


fail the ride along once and you have to wait 1 week for another.

fail that second ride along you get dewhitelisted


reapply and do your cadet process again


fail your first (3rd overall) ride along and you have to wait 1 week for another

fail that second (4th overall) ride along and you get blacklisted





thats what i was told

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ive been a cadet for almost a month now seems like they never do the ride alongs.


That might have something to do with your disdain for impounding ATV's, sir.  I've recommended to the higher-ups that you attend Vehicular Diversity Training to rid you of your vehiclist ways! =P

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ive played almost everyday sence i got cadet thats not the problem. also i see people get constable after 4 days just cause they are friends with higher ups. a big problem is though the main time i play is at night and in the morning there are almost never any cops on and as a cadet you cant really play by your self.

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ive played almost everyday sence i got cadet thats not the problem. also i see people get constable after 4 days just cause they are friends with higher ups. a big problem is though the main time i play is at night and in the morning there are almost never any cops on and as a cadet you cant really play by your self.


This is inaccurate.  Creating stories of people getting promoted because they're "friends" of APD senior officers is most likely not the best route to take to promotion either.  Senior APD barely has time to be friends with each other let alone be friends with others on the server.


When I do ride-along they are not simple affairs.  They generally take anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours... one was 8 hours over two days.  There are questions asked, more likely scenario based rather then things directly seen in the Handbook but its all how situations should be handled which falls back on the handbook.  We also watch for the practical side of things.  We see how you run someone through the process, how you go into a Drug Dealers house, how you deal with civilians and are you actually enforcing the Laws of Altis.  These tests are not easy and even if you get a single easy item wrong or done improperly you have the potential to fail the entire test.


Some people are cadets for 3 days, some people are cadets for 6 weeks (sometimes even more).  People are promoted when they are seen to show a level of competence and maturity that the community is demanding in the APD.  We do the best that we can... and people still slip through that don't live up to the standards of what we are looking for.  I've noticed that it tends to be the people who while are excited to get promoted, dive into the role of cadet, they actually start to enjoy it.  The figure out the nuances of the PO7 and the offroad.  The figure out what they are capable of and begin to use it to their advantage.

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i personaly think the most important thing about getting promoted is expireance and it is going to take awhile to have expirianced every situation and promoting people becuase they are know in the community isnt a good reason. making it to where constables end up asking if somthing is right or if they did somthing wrong ( has happened way to meny times ).

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also you should not have cadets for 6 weeks or longer. you need to start kicking them off the APD if it takes them that long to get it togeather.

I disagree, i am waiting to do my constable till one month, i want lots of experince. But if i fail then im on week 5, and i have to wait 1 week for retake so by your theory i would be removed from APD..... Bad idea IMO

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Just be patient. These guys have a consistently high amount of people asking for an interview, or cadets asking for the constable test, daily.....and if you are the only sergeant/higher up on, it could probably get frustrating. The time will come when its your chance to prove yourself, until then, don't sweat it. Be happy you are a cadet and you have the privilege to be a cop on one of the most popular altis servers in the game. They don't just pick anyone, you know.


Have fun, follow the rules, play respectfully, work well with other cops, and get to know them as well. The more you play, and get to know fellow officers, the more they might recommend, to a higher up, that they think you are ready. Its not always about getting to that next rank, but more of having a good time with peers and working as a team.

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One thing to bear in mind, Kuthad, is that the 'APD Ranks and Promotions' guide detail Constables as "still in training". It's only when a player becomes Corporal that they are a fully fledged APD Officer. I was cadet for 4 months, mainly because my play time was irregular due to working commitments. My work commitments died down and I started playing regular again and I got Constable.


Cadet or Captain, we're all part of the APD, and I'd like to think we're all part of the APD for the love of the APD RP. It's not about how much money you can get from bounties, or what power you have over other people due to your rank, it's about putting yourself in the shoes of your character and becoming your character. You can get satisfaction from that whatever your title is. 

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