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64 bit Arma Texture Bug

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Please tell me other people are still getting texture bugged and i'm not the only one. I literally texture bug ever fucking 10-20 minutes.

If play full screen i get black screen/texture bug.

If i play on window full-screen i only texture bug.

I see no hope for me. It really makes me wanna kms, Then on top of that half the time i log in i cant hear in-game voice... Like wtf arma literally bends me over every time i play. And the texture bug fix doesn't help me at all it just freezes my game. 

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Just now, McDili said:

I don't have your fix but if all else fails upgrading RAM is really cheap.

i just reinstalled the game, less then a week ago i was completely fine and just the past few days its been happening constantly.

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I hear water really helps your pc might be over heating also check your parameters I had to take mine off because it was messing with my arma after the 64 bit update 

I am not responsible for pc repair if the first one does not work! 

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