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Unlucky day lost money due to the server not allowing large transfers....

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So end up going to cocaine processor today for the first time as a apd officer and end up locating a zamack transport and after all was said and done and the situation was taken care of we end up searching the zamack and low and behold the truck had 891,398 dollars worth of contraband cocaine in it but as soon as i leave the truck the server kicks me off and says that im not allowed to have that big a transfer of money and to contact an admin if i think this is wrong and also the players would have had cocaine on them as well so i was looking around 1000000 dollars for the sting on cocaine processor and due to not recording i cant get anything done about it so when is the new update going to fix all of this or will this be a problem the entire time?


Also had a rough day with four players wrecking spondy and myself in kavala which started the morning out just great and then meet them later at a off road and end up firefighting them for about 20 mins with help of a few more officers and all four players have over 600k bounty but due to server restart we end up with nothing.


Then we have a fed robbery and its the best one i have seen during the time i have been an officer and we fail so badly and end up having to just lock up but right after that i found a bounty and i thought this would be easy 400k and end up stopping the car and downing them but when we were able to reach them one got up and killed us both so no money and this about 2 oclock a bummer so far.


So prob made about 200k all day on small fries and end up getting on civ and steal about 4 cars the two gps trackers fail one guy went to weed field but then logs to another server and the other was stolen and chopped but then i ended up by myself and find two prae guys at weed processor and i get setup near the church and one allows me to pop him and then the other i shot under the tin and i was rocking a fatty we were in business.So to beat it all one of the players ends up to be yayobamacare the troll who seems to know all the rules and trolls his balls off in kavala all day and just pays fine after fine but i got him...Then i steal his car take all the marijuana and head off to athira where i make some money but yet go to the chop shop and that doesnt work so a big fail.


Then i make it over to heroine processing where i locate another guy who spots me and trys to run and im able to drop his tire and end up jumping in the car and finding him down the road still driving without a wheel and end up downing him for about 78 heroine but wait that is not all i end up going to athira to sell at the drug dealer because that guy may camp me at pyrgos so i mosey on up and get right at the drug dealer and get out and boom chain of death kicked from server woooohooooo and that is the story of i should have set my a$$ in kavala all day and begged for money...

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im not moaning big guy im just releasing that roar and i know its not about money and i agree with you on that one fusion but yes you fellas had that locked down pretty well but we could have worked together alot better but we didnt have the right gameplan.

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It didn't kick you off because of a large transfer it kicked you off for seizing the vehicle, it's a glitch. If you would have read the message it says you were detected with hacked money. It has nothing to do with transfers, it's just our anti hack to prevent people from hacking in money. And yes it should be fixed next update.

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