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Vig bounties

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Theres a glitch out atm where some vigs cant send people to jail. Everyone says its because of the jail is needs to be repaired but as a APD i can send them to jail. When vigs have this problem i come over to send to jail. I explain to the criminal its a glitch with vigis and i tell him his charges and tell him imma have to send him straight to jail because a vigi made the arrest and they plead please give me the ticket but i explain i cant do that and send em straight to jail and give the vigi the bounty is this correct procedure in not giving a ticket because the vigi made the an arrest? Or am I doing it wrong?

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You are assisting the Vigilante in this scenario due to an unfortunate bug so it is entirely up to him if he wants to offer the suspect a chance to pay the ticket.  If the vigilante says no tell him that SUX2BU and jail his ass.  But if as Wheat points out the guy has less than a 75k bounty arrest the Vigilante for abuse cause he shouldn't be targeting him and give the original suspect a ticket as normal.

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Question, A police tells a suspect to stop put there hands up and they run/drive away. Can a Vigi then jump in an act as back up to the officer even if the bounty is under 75k?


No, not without proper RP. VIgi's are not APD keep in mind. If it's RP'd then as normal they are fine to do things like this as long as they stay within the normal rules. Keep in mind though, vigi's are still required to follow the laws or they can be given a ticket.

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Question, A police tells a suspect to stop put there hands up and they run/drive away. Can a Vigi then jump in an act as back up to the officer even if the bounty is under 75k?

See the definition of arrest means to stop. But also defines arrest as seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody. By you stopping the vigi by downing him you are arresting him. The rule states "Vigilantes can only arrest someone who is wanted for over 75k." Therefore by even shooting someone to stop a criminal you are thereby abusing Vigilante powers. But on the otherhand like Hades said you have to RP it. See every rule is superceded by the RP rule. You can break most of every rule on there but while you're doing it you best have some of the best RP of your life while doing it, other you probably will be banned for doing it, but thats all up to Hades and his team. I've been trying to explain to everyone on Civ, R&R, and APD when RPing if the situation calls for it you might have to take all the rules you were told not to do and basically chunk those out the window. Prime example real example ( I RPd with a medic and he was on the outskirts of the redzone because we called him well we told him specifically we had a gun to his head and if he didn't revive that guy well then we would kill him. Well medics rule is : "RRMs are not allowed in illegal areas unless escorted by a constable or higher."  Well he kept on trying to tell me that the rule specifically states it took me 3 minutes to try to tell him that he will not be banned because this is an RP scenario, therefore he has to enter the red zone or he dies. We convinced him surely enough he eventually entered the Red Zone.) Don't be afraid of breaking the rules because if you can do some of the best RP ever then you'll be fine for most situations.   

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Scooby I'll look into this issue myself personally I have Isolated some possible reasons why it wont send people to jail 100% of the time. I have some other bugs I will investigate. One it might not register server wise that the jail has been repaired. Another reason can be it was never repaired but that is unlikely. Another reason could be that the police repaired it and its not recognizing that the jail has been fixed for everyone not just the cops. Also could be an issue with peoples bounties where its registering the time rather than the bounty itself. Could also be because this person escaped jail and previously and it wont send them back, or that it's because these people are cops or have been cops recently before restart, but I got to keep in mind why the cops can send to jail and the Vigis cant I will do some testing and isolate these variables. Along with some other glitches, I've done bug hunting for a while on battlefield and learn how to isolate, prevent, and find possible glitches that could accompany these and lead to more. Right now it's tough to isolate this one but it can be done but ill need a bunch of volunteers.

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