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Locked Colonel Black Flag (SRT)

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Hello to all my fellow Operators of the BFO, and citizens of Altis.


This is an open letter to inform you of some actions that have taken place, and an explanation of what occurred. I'll begin by stating at effective


immediately, I will no longer be acting as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Black Flag Operators. I will now retain the rank Colonel, after a brief fourteen day


suspension (To make it clear, that means I will not be getting my rank back after the suspension for those who are confused, thank god). Before we go any further, let me explain


that this was fully due to my own actions, and no one else is responsible for what occurred but me. At roughly 10:00PM EST on November 14th, 2014 I was involved in


an engagement with a particular cop of the APD. This player and myself have a prior history of longstanding issues, which have never been resolved. I did in fact combat log my


helicopter. I realize that this is against the high standards that the Black Flag Operators uphold. I fully accept responsibility, and would like to openly


apologize to all of you, my fellow officers, noncomissioned officers, and enlisted operators for my actions. That being said, none of us are immune to disciplinary action.


Throughout my time as a Lieutenant Colonel,I've developed lasting friendship with many of the Sergeants and Lieutenants, as well as our Captain, Ducimus. Their decision was not


without deliberation, but ultimately they decided (appropriately) that based upon my actions, I should no longer stand in the position of Lieutenant Colonel, as I will now be focusing on


a more administrative role within the unit, and working on developing the Black Flag Operators into a true multi-game organization. I would like to thank them for their impartiality, and


professionalism when handling the situation. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for helping me to develop my leadership skills over these last


months, and look forward to continuing to fight side by side with you after my suspension is served. Until that time, please take this as a lesson; as a Black Flag Operator, you


must always conduct yourself professionally, in all situations. 


Thank you for all your support,


Colonel Black Flag (SRT) Black Flag Operators Commanding Officer.

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I believe that's Colonel to you Corporal. If i'm dripping with it you must be pouring with it. REKT, oh shit RP engaged!!! 

Just because I apologized doesn't mean I didn't mean every word I said in that helicopter. You can continue to show just how high class and quality you and the organization you represent are. I'll be here doing my thing.

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