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Heinz is Taking a Vacation

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As I am sure everyone (especially the APD) has noticed, I have not been on much recently. I have visited Olympus probably 6 times in the past month. This is a stark contrast to my nightly visits to Kavala where I gleefully slew blue pigs all night long.

I have thought about my absence a lot, so I thought I should semi-officially announce that I am not going to be on much in the near future. I am NOT saying goodbye. I for sure will still be around. I will hop on from time to time to continue my favorite pass-time (of killing APD bastards). I would also like to emphasize that Heinz's Securities and Equities is still a functioning business even though I am more absent. If anyone wishes to place trades with my brokerage service, you can still messaged me (Ill try to check it weekly) on forums here. 

I think Olympus is the greatest Altis Life server in Arma. I am not decreasing my hours because I think this is a poor quality group or game. My reason for doing this is simple: I am 20 years old. I want to try putting in 16 hour work days and save up for a house. After that, I want to try and get a wife :D.

If I were leaving permanently, I would list off all the guys who supported my revolutions, my brokerage service, and those who helped me kill cops. BUT I am not leaving. 

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7 minutes ago, Isaac Newton said:

If you leave, what happens to all the people that invested in your stocks or whatever? 

Does the Olympus Stock Market crash?  Is this the end as we know it? :FeelsBad:

1929 all over again

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