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More Warpoint THings


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  1. 1. Warpoint Vehicles

  2. 2. Warpoint Betting

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considering betting money has already (potentially) cause serious server lag/issues I'd say no on the betting...but vehicles is a good idea..(but like something you cant get at rebel with money)

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18 minutes ago, Brolaf said:

I believe war point vehicles were brought up during a Civ Rep Round Table. I think the idea was denied.

True - 
"Vehicle Warpoint Shop: Being able to purchase Ifirits, Hunters, Orcas at a Warpoint Shop. *Rejected* This was rejected however some potential future implementations were discussed, starts at 20:15"


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7 minutes ago, kev said:

The addition of warpoint vehicles would just cause the blackwater to be done less often which isn’t ideal.

depends on the vehicle...there are some decent semi-armed vehicles in the new tanks update that may be good for this..

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i feel like war point vehicles should be limited to rebel vehicles that can be bought from car shop like an ifrit 50 war points for an ifrit is not a bad idea imo it would increase the amount of ifrits used in my case at least, But it should be limited.

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