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Selling all the gear in the boxes below +an armed quilin 

Offer and we'll see where it goes...

2 - 7.62 Silencers

1 - DMS

1 - MK1 Taser

1 - MXM Taser

6 - 6.5 STANAG MAGs

2 - MAR-10

5 - MAR-10 mags

1 - RPG 

3 - RPG Rockets

Also have 175ish warpoints sold at 17.5K per




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6 hours ago, Greg12123 said:

How much for just RPG-7? Or a rocket?

850K for RPG

~300K per rocket

Take all for 1.5mil 

4 hours ago, MattmX said:

How much for 7.62supp and mk1 taser



6 hours ago, Kyle. said:

How much for mxm


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24 minutes ago, yurnpoopgrade said:

800k for a mar10 ?


1 hour ago, PE7E said:

Rough estimate on what you want for mk1 and mxm taser?

i have a 400K offer for the mxm and mk1 you'll need to offer :-)

2 hours ago, MattmX said:

4.5 mil for a quilin, 2mil for 7.62supp

i have a 5mil offer for the quilin, but ill do the suppressor for 2.5mil

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Just now, PE7E said:

yikes. no mk1. I'll do 500k for the MXM. Any MX's though??

I'd have to check my other crates... i think i sold all them already..

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