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Asking for comp bannable right ?

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No comp is a way to resolve things in-game w/o administrative action, always be reasonable!

If the person does not compensate reasonably for the mistake you can make a player report and a comp request with proper evidence

Another way you get comp is if something happens Arma related and you lost your shit.


Though the confusion may come from that Comp doesn't always save you from Bans.






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Comp is a way of pleasing the person who got fucked over. Instead of them reporting the one who broke a rule instead the rule breaker compensates you thus you save time, get back anything you lost, and don’t have to go to the hassle of reporting someone or even wait a couple of days

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4 hours ago, Metro said:

Giving comp to someone doesn't void a possible ban. you broke a server rule.

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Yeah yeah ik its fucking stupid


If someone has given comp in game and the other person still reports him after the fact-- wouldn't that be a worse deed than the person breaking the rules? I feel like that deserves a more severe punishment because it's pretty low to scam someone like that no?

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