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server full reset? all data gone?

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ok so i heard on the grapevine there is "supposedly" a full server reset happening wiping everything propertys money choppers etc etc. whatever we own and starting a fresh. not saying its not true but can any admin corroborate this? on server 2 altis life rp vigilante etc etc. it probably is but im abit annoyed i just started out worked my way up abit. ok with abit of help. and helped others to make money so i got some in return. and then bam i hear this. about the server basically being wiped -_- 

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This is a quote from a reply to a post that Hades made: We have not decided if there will in fact even be a wipe. Unless otherwise said by Poseidon or myself assume there is not going to be one. If there is going to be one then the details of it will be posted on the forums.

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