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Alekkz's introduction


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My name is Alex,i come from Germany but i've got american blood in me cuz my father is from US.
I am 19 years old and yeah,i play on this server everyday for a long time ^_^
I am also a video editor and one of the Trash Gang heads :>
I also like listening to XXXTENTACION & Lil Skies alot



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2 hours ago, mon5t3r said:

Looks like an emo version of u

I’m emo? You’re high

fuck X, good music but shitty person with fake personality for his followers. Have you not heard the recording that just came out about him admitting to beating the fuck out of his girlfriend and that his gf thought X would kill her?

Maybe he actually was a nice person in RL aside from his career. All I know is that from what I’ve seen and heard, the guy has done some shit that a lot of people would never forgive someone for.

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Well,i feel him.
He changed and he isn't like what he used to,and i honestly did far worse things then he did and yet nobody hates,i beat the shit out of my EX cuz she cheated,currently im on house arrest for attempted murder(stabbed some junkie 3 times in the neck),but yet,anyone can change and become a better person,and that's exactly what X did :)

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