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Switching for a bit

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hey, so as you all know im #loyal when it comes to Olympus, Olympus will always be my favorite Altis Life Server but with recent happenings ive grown tired of the rebel scene (Buy gear, rob, kill, die, repeat) and as im blacklisted i do not have the possibility to play Police. as R&R wasn't really my thing so i quit that. and Vigilante, HELL NO. so thinking about the fact that im a Constable on Asylum servers i will be switching over to Asylum for a bit.


This is not some shitty ass heartwarming goodbye, this is simply me saying i miss APD and as im blacklisted on Olympus and a Constable on Asylum i will be playing on there for a while. 


So thanks for all the memories, i will still be active on the forums and on teamspeak (from time to time). and i wish you all the best.


and i would especially like to thanks some people in specific for making my Olympus a blessed time.


Z3RO, My absolute best friend when it comes to the online gaming world.

Majestic, Amazing person, Amazing squeker laugh, and a great personality (and ofc a brilliant shot)

PaperBot, Most loyal idiot ive ever met, fantastic guy 11/10

Jonas, A Norwegian scum of the earth Norwegian that i love because hes a absolute potato, but a lovable one

Poseidon, For comping me when i was down and needed it

Jendrak, For making a amazing Map that i really enjoy and love

Hades, For banning me twice and making me realize i might should stop rdm'ing (that much atleast hah)

Kiwi, For allowing me to yell at her when she missed shot after shot and still not hate me

Wheatkings, For taking orders from me when i was a constable and he was a cadet #memories


I could do this all day and thank all of you nerds for making my Olympus adventure a amazing time. i have ALOT of memories that i will never forget and i hope to make many more!


And of course i have to mention Devil.

Devil, back in the day when me and Juxtaposed was named Bonnie & Clyde. we robbed poor Devil of hes first Hemmt Box, we tricked him into thinking we left it out in a field and he was running around with high exceptions it was still there. unfortunately it had already seen the light and entered the "Chop Zone"... #RIP


And i also have several gangs i would like to thank..


Los Diablos, The good old gang that faught rubbish KI and put up one hell of a fight.

24th STS, The gang that was hated, loved and even more hated. but it was brilliant!

Altis Mercenary Services, Amazing gang FULLY based on RP.


All of these 3 gangs have i been the leader of, and the members was all lovely in all of them. thanks guys!


And then you have the gang's that im a simple member off


PcP, Love the members!

MC, So much bs, but its controlled bs, simply the most unorganized organized gang i know.


You are all amazing!


Thanks everyone, Thanks for all the good times! i wish you all the best and a amazing time. you guys are easily the best community out there. amazing admins / moderators, Players, Rebels and APD. you are all amazing people! 


And if anyone of you would like to add me on steam, feel free. my name on steam is SPBojo. and i hope to see you all later!


Cya around people! take care off the new people, the old people, the staff and the gangs! and remember to RDM some (as i will not be there to do it ;) )


and if you got anything you want to ask me, say to me, simply ask me on this post :) have a blessed time people. i love you all!


Best Regards


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Wish you the best Bojo we've been chill for a while now and as we're not best friends it's good to know I can count on you as you can count on me. Wish you luck and hope to see you soon and hopefully cause trouble with Ya in the future

BTW I'f you ever want a cop role kinda hit me up im looking for some Secret Service when Poseidon makes my White House HINT HINT WINK WINK @ Poseidon lol but back to being serious good luck dude

And thanks for including meh??Jk but I mean what I say your a great dude

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