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So I was flying around with SaltyDog and he decided to give me the controls to his helicopter because he had to go AFK and take care of something. Mistake #1. After notifying the downed civilian I was going to be there soon I started my slow decent to a "smooth" landing just outside of Athira. I got down safely without dying and only knocked down two walls with my tail rotor. At this point I'm beginning to feel awesome about myself. :D I then get out of the helicopter with the rotors still moving figuring it would be an easy takeoff. Mistake #2. I revive the fallen patron and make my way back to the helicopter only to see the helicopter is missing. At this point my mind is flooded with questions. Did I not park it here? Did someone steal it? I swear I locked it.. Maybe SaltyDog came back and had to fly off to revive someone? Maybe he was going to get gas then he was going to fly back and pick me up?? I then look up in the sky and I could see the group marker getting further and further away from me. I figured SaltyDog was in control of the helicopter but every time I tried talking to him I got no response. I was beginning to worry.. I done fucked up this time! It was all beginning to set in. A message kept appearing in group chat " SaltyDog, Out of Gas ". It was at this point when I realized I probably should have spooled down and turned off the helicopter before I got out. When SaltyDog came back 10 minutes later he asked why he was crashed into a hillside. To my delight I was happy to hear his helicopter didn't blow up. Luckily he was only 2.2km away from where I landed in Athira and not in the ocean. I learned a very important lesson that night. Always turn off the helicopter before you get out. Now I know haha. I can't wait to get my wings soon! Look out World!!

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I learned a very important lesson that night. Always turn off the helicopter before you get out. Now I know haha. I can't wait to get my wings soon! Look out World!!


Same thing happened to me but I was in pilot seat, I let my friend fly my heli for fun so I had the controls unlocked. When I got out the controls got back to my copilot ( who was at full "throttle" the last time he had the controls). He got out about at the same time,but it instantly sent my heli flying 20 meters in the air. Luckily for the passenger inside, the heli managed to land by itself.

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Oh man, that was the funniest thing I'd ever seen in game! I sit back down from being AFK, it's dark, all instruments are red and I'm injured. First thought is, super hard landing. TMan was nowhere to be found when I hopped out. In TS I asked, "someone need revive in the middle of nowhere?" TMan starts laughing and says "You're alive!, it flew off without me". HAHAHAH 


Immediately I hit Shadow play to get the video, since this was comedy gold. Unfortunately it had been longer than my Shadow play would record. Greatest comment from TMan after the indecent, "Don't tell the R&R coordinators, I'll never get promoted to Air Responder" HAHAHAHHA Still laughing about it. 

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