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Sync issue?

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So the other night I bought a RCO scope for my MXC and synced my data a few times before I ended up dying and re-spawning to find my RCO dissapeared. -40k. Today after I earned 40k back I bought another RCO scope then tried syncing my data and logging off hoping that would fix the issue. Again I logged back on to find my RCO scope missing from my MXC. -40k. I'm not asking for comp, I just want to make sure this issue has been addressed. If anyone has any tips or tricks to get the syncing to work properly it would be much appreciated. I heard someone say if you delete your GPS and buy a new one then try syncing your data everything should save. I might give that a shot but I'll probably turn shadow play on this time just incase I get screwed out of another 40k haha.

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I have always had the problem that when I log off after syncing, or the server restarts after syncing, I lose all my weapon attachments. I found that if you take the attachments off your weapon and just keep them in your backpack, and then sync, your attachments will still be in your backpack when you get back on.

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But it has also happened when I died then had to respawn. And yes I made sure to sync my data right after I bought the RCO scope. It's just a a frustrating bug because I go back to having no cash. Guess I'll be rocking iron sights until they can get it fixed.

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@Peter Long lost his MXC twice

Ghostface had to buy his MXC two or three times yesterday. I guess what happens is if you're KIA, someone can scroll wheel the weapon off of your body and you'll spawn without that weapon. That's a huge problem considering the MXC is $136K AFTER the 20% discount for Tier 5 donators. I've heard a few cops say that they'll not play until this bug is fixed. Now, the big question is this: is it a bug or is it intentional?

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