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Hi, My in-game name is SinisterTwig, my real name is Nick and I am 21 years old. I enjoy shooters and RP games, I just recently got ARMA to play with a couple of friends on the server and I really like it so far. I most recently come from GMOD Military RP's. I'm still learning the ropes and hope to eventually get with a good group of people to make my experience on this server more fun.

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Howdy, Before you get to involved, run to your nearest black market and get yourself some "Thick Skin", you're gonna need it.  Also,  there is no cure for it yet and you probably though you couldn't catch these things from a video game, but you're most likely going to catch or at least experience side affects of cancer and AID.  Highly toxic, but you can mellow the symptoms if you self medicate.  I choose alcohol.

Besides all that, Good Luck and Welcome

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