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Locked Snake vs. Warfare

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  1. 1. Snake v Warfare

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As some of you have probably seen, Snake and Warfare have been battling viciously over profile views. There's controversy if the views are legit from both sides seeing as they've both gained like 500+ views in the last 2 days but none the less friends, Snake vs. Warfare boyz. 


Who is more popular, Snake or Warfare?


no flamerino pls 



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f5 is a magical button


This is the most pure and true way for this war to happen. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE

Currently 6-0 in Favor of yours truly, 


I think no one is surprised.

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We all know my true supports will stay in the shadows, quietly supporting the man that brings the people together. 


I think that tag beside your name may be inflating that ego a bit much champ

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