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Its been so much different without the third server on Olympus, all the servers have been full, theres almost never a time without a ton of cops on which icant really complain about), so with this beeing said does anyone know ikf server three is going to arise agian.

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Or there will be more people because people have different servers to go to if the others are full instead of going to another community.

I say open the 3rd again

The servers aren't full all the time though it's not an issue to get into the server until peek hours.

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I might set up a system where a third server will come up only during peak hours where other servers are full, and houses cannot be bought on it. But even as of right now this is not needed.

Why don't you just set up a poll or something for like a month... and see what other people think?

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Why don't you just set up a poll or something for like a month... and see what other people think?

Theres no need for a third server... Its only maxed out on peak hours.. So if a third server is needed its only during peak hours. And having another server on not peak servers will just make it stupid seeing as when i wake up and play, theres basicly me and 6 others online... Having a third server will only reduce the small ammount of people being on in non peak time.

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