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060a1d50119d29197244e1dbdaaed46f.pngfirst off, im shining, look at that. so that makes me fully alllowed!!! and i dont do it alot... this is my third time i go "active crazy"... :P


and on a side note, as the forums are so dead as they are from time to time, someone has to be active! ;)

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Thanks for being active for so damn long (almost as long as my...fingernails)

hey, ive been active for way longer than that! :D


Both of those forum accounts are mine. mohahahha. and the last one is The Lord Poseidon Himself. and as you see, ive been on the forums longer than him! Bojominati Confirmed !

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You've taken half of this post and just started talking....

What is your point?


Its a post about questions, when prople ask em i reply, do you think i would message them the answer? No... Use your brain ;)...

Yeah, its ok just give me a chance to own all the sub sections for once lol! And no,you will never catch up to my post count padawan. As i will never catch warfare, and warfare wont catch hades.

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bojo makes the forums more active in my opinion and for that i thank and congratulate him

thanks! i try my best! :) as the forums are semi dying, at least someone needs to juice it up and keep it active! :D every forum has its bojo ; )

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