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A Short Hiatus

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Hello everyone, some of you may know me, and some of you may not, but I run around as Anarkhiya in-game as a civilian, Thorny on APD.


Due to recent events and issues with my personal life, I am no longer able to devote time to Olympus like I used to be able to. This saddens me, and I think it's unfair of me to not be active to the groups I'm a part of, which include Moob & Co. and the APD. Rather than getting on one this weekend, the other the next, I think it's of best interest to take a break from it all; despite the title, I am not sure how long the break will last. My classes are catching up to me, and I am no longer doing so well in them, so I need to devote some time to them, and I've been ignoring a few individuals that don't deserve that sort of ignorance, so without any further explanation, I want to thank a bunch of individuals who have made my play-time beyond fantastic and gave me some of my most memorable moments of any game (in no specific order):


Ghostface - that Zamak chase was great, and Josh had a craving for your tires

Corporal_moob - I want to thank you for giving me the ability to join your ranks, and it was by far some of the best nights I had on ArmA 3

Altis Mercenary Services - my first gang, and my most cherished gang; you all taught me a lot on how to be a better player, and how Olympus ran - countless fun nights were had among us

  • SPBojo
  • The Gent
  • Paperbot
  • Papamunski
  • Link
  • Skippy
  • DJ Roomba
  • Many others... even you Jamal (the wrecking ball)

Hamofmoose - gave me my PO test, and took me for my first Ghosthawk ride; it was great patrolling with you

Peter Long - APD was so much fun with you and your role-play ;)

John McClane (now Odin) - R&R was one of the best experiences I had and I wish I had stayed around a bit longer; thank you for allowing me to aid and assist Olympus

Muthinator - you and I made a formidable R&R force when we were together. Thank you so much for the conversations we had concerning my aspirations and for all of the advice you gave me, and nonetheless, your encouragement and kind words

thomas - The P-Dub master, it was fun patrolling with you the few nights we were together

RougeMK - the signature's still great, and thank you for helping me out through MC when I had questions and whatnot

Fat Clemenza - I always felt confident you had my back patrolling with you; good look when you go for the LAPD!

The rest of [MC] - I can't name you all as I'm thin on time, but you know who you are; I was glad to be apart of one of the most powerful gangs on the server, wreaking havoc and causing mayhem was amazing


And if I didn't name you, don't be hurt; I have a lot more names I want to add, but I'm just going to leave it at this: if you can recall playing with me at some point and time and I laughed during then, I most likely remember you.


Thank you for reading this, hopefully when I return, I can come back to the affiliations I was once apart of, and wreck shit from there.


With much love, forever and always,



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And i only get a little mention. Pfft.

Nah man hah, god bless AMS man... Good memories. I wish you all the best man! Whilst your gone, il continue creeping on your facebook so dont fear me leaving you alone! :)

wish you all the best man... Have a blessed one.. Il miss yo pretty face :(... Just maje sure to give me a shout when you return, il be waiting with open arms... :)

Best of luck bud...<3

hopefully all you guys can come together again!

Most of us still talk & play...:)
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