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Hey im 20 years old live in Canada but im originally from Romania. I will never say im Canadian, i hate this fucking shit and i hate english.Im currently in college, i DJ at clubs in toronto, i love to go to clubs and parties :). My plans for the next 3 years is to go to cuba,romania,jerusalim. Im an outgoing person not a nerd (tbh idk why i play arma lol) but i love playing arma for some reason its very intense i even argue with my mom when she tries to talk to me but im in the middle of a battle in arma or im about to hit someones run! lol. im single atm, the most i have been with a female was 6 months and a week :) ..toronto life you know how its here CrayCrayyyyyyyyyy.


My goals in life is to work at the airport as a CATSA agent or a Flight Attendant since i go to college for it, own a dodge charger not any other more expensive car, and have sexual activities till im about 25-26 then il stop fucking around and actually want to stay with a woman and have kids etc.


My main game is Cs 1.6 , i have played it for 10 years straight untill i finally got bored of it. I also play Combat Arms currently and sometimes League.Arma 3 has no taken over me as i dont really play the other games.I wish i could play cs go as i see so many people enjoying it but i do not use my credit cards online.


2 goals i have on this server would be :  

  • Have the best gang out there without being rich and always keeping my money under 2mill just because when you have too much money is not really that fun anymore.
  • Take Walt Jr (MW member) hostage take him on an island, make him do 20 circles around the chopper, prone/unproun 10 times,shoot him in the legs, make him cowl over to me while i step backwards,make him sing me a song, put him in the middle of no where at night with no night vision goggles and spit on his face then leave him.

I just want to let people know that i really want to play on this server but its so diff. as i get max of 20fps on low settings and every single twitch i can find on google for arma. Thats why atm im getting rekt but ya im planning to buy a desktop that il make with GPU and CPU that i want.


i currently have Acer Aspire Laptop. 


AMD A10 elite quad core 


AMD A10-5757M APU with Radeon HD graphics 2.50Ghz with turbo core up to 3.5ghz

Ram: 8gb

AMD Radeon HD 8650G with 512 MB graphics system memory 


idk what is with my low fps i have really good internet... i have all settings on low... i have the processor ghz for it...i think its the graphics card ....im looking to buy  or create one desktop thats under 1000k that will run arma 3 like a god. 



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