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Make Kav Casino a safe zone?  

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  1. 1. Should we make Kav Casino a safe zone?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Don't give a single fuck becoz i am never stepping into the casino/kav in general

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I’ve never had an issue with dying at the Casino, literally one time I was about to get arrested by a vigi but lost 5m on roulette and he said "never mind you’ve suffered enough have fun”🤣

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14 hours ago, Skateezy said:

Getting robbed in Kavala and I run into casino to avoid combat.

”But Skateezy! We can make that a FailRP ban!”

Be a new player, get shot at, take cover in a big building, and get banned by some tryhard staff member.

We don’t really need to give staff any reason to be any more fascist than they are. Grandma Garry, owner man, and the Devs are the only only merciful men in this regime



and regal

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29 minutes ago, MrRylexx said:


Makes millions - yikes and only has 480k lol

how do you get that pic? lol




maybe make the whole 150m of kav square a safe zone if that is the case. but honestly it will never happen for either


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