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Pleas hyelp!!!


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Guys! I've been banned so long 😞 I just want to play arma again wiff my friends! Pleas do a unban on me RIGHT NOW 😠 There WILL be consequences if you do not obey me 😈😈😈 Life is such an L rn..... I literally can't even play arma... i've lost over 300 lbs since my ban 4 months ago..... My mom is forcing me to go to in person school... I can't do this anymore I feel so itchy without my Arma...... I yearn for a cartel capture notification 😞 

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2 hours ago, Grandma Gary said:

WOW @ Waddles you know there is such a thing as oversharing my guy.

Gary it's so obvious you wrote that. Waddles only speaks in Jap-lish which is his fucked up combo of English and commonly used words or phrases in Japanese anime and other words he sees on the internet. 

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