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Anyone else getting backpack bugged?

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Wanted to know if this is just a me problem, but it seems a solid 1 out of 5 times I log on, my backpack disappears from existence. I get a message saying, "You were carrying too much stuff so some was put on the ground!"
It's a bit annoying and I was just wondering if its just a me issue or not.

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This occurs when you exceed the actual weight you are meant to carry in Arma, so when you log out it intends to drop the extra shit on the ground. I haven't seen it actually delete your backpack though.

An example is when you can really only carry like 2 titan rockets with a mk1 and titan. You can then drop the stuff on the ground, buy more, then pick up the rest of the ground and hold more in general. That is breaking Arma's weight limit, but it can be done. So when that happens and you log out with that exceeding weight your stuff gets dropped on the ground. It used to just delete your extra shit entirely when u would log back in.

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1 hour ago, Millennium said:

I haven't seen it actually delete your backpack though.

For some reason it does delete the backpack too but I suppose it just spazzes out trying to ditch all the stuff at once and just yeets the pack aswell. 

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