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Market forces dictate if some stupid moron is stupid enough to buy those tasers at those prices, they are indeed worth that much. Hell it's not even a veiled scam, he listed his prices. 

Not prices many sane people would pay buuuuut this is Arma, so there's no telling. Like, an 88 scam would at least involve them luring someone out and losing a truck. 🤣

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1 hour ago, gonewild said:

Bruh im like 99% sure that your for sale stock is fake as it doesn't ever change nor do you ever do sales why you even talking

Ill gladly screenshare and prove i own all of that ❤️
havent played in almost 2 months and i couldnt be assed to sell shit even when i played lol.

& just lyk im making profit on every thing that i have listed for sale. If your buying at the prices im selling to resell your getting ripped off.

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