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we demand you unlock the dip post #unlockthedippost

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the dip post has been a hallmark of the olympus and has been around for longer than most staff members this is ridiculous. The dip post is part of olympus HISTORY. FUCK YOU RYAN UNLOCK THE DIP POST THIS IS  part of olympus history we demand it is unlocked TODAY. the dip post has been being bumped and supported since 2018 fuck you @ Ryan

#unlockthedippost #unlockthedippost #unlockthedippost #unlockthedippost #unlockthedippost #unlockthedippost #unlockthedippost

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2 hours ago, i chop hatchbacks said:

link the post ill unrestrict it because i am literally the server i have that power @ Ryan  told me he was scared of me 



unlock it NOW 

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