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MrFloppyBottoms and Omni Gang

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In a video description he uploaded; "Hey Olympus Staff this is the video footage of Kill Revenge yet again RDMing one of OMNI members. This man has been harassing us and repeatedly initiating us just after returned from his most recent ban. And has already yet again RDM'd one of my gang members. His actions not only disrespect me and my members, but you as staff and your server for especially returning from the same offense and immediately breaking it."

You couldn't cope with me and started begging for help from the staff.   You are really retarded.   Get that in your stupid head. I did not return from any ban. Yes, I was banned with the invalid video evidence you provided. I Instantly protested, they removed it.  

You and your gang mates like you can never beat me. I'm a much better player than you. No matter how outnumbered you are. I fuck you every time.   You keep presenting invalid video evidence like this. And I will continue to fight you stronger each time.

As long as I play this game, I will always fuck you. Try to ban me as much as you want. Do your best. I will always stand upright before you. 

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2 hours ago, Revenge said:

As long as I play this game, I will always fuck you.

Hearing in this a Turkish accent in my head makes me laugh even more.


Give em hell bud. I'll always support the murder of someone who doesn't understand how 3rd party denial works

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