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SPBojo Absence Request?

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So later today (tonight for you Muricans) i will be going to turkey for a trip with a friend and another couple (friendzone indeed) and when i come back i will be gone for around 2 - 3 months (i will be working basically 24/7 and i have several operations ahead... i will always be on the forums when i can, but ingame, i wont be seen.. so good luck on your drug runs and killing spree! special thanks to M for making my last couple weeks amazing...



wish you all the best. stay classy!


Lots of love

   -Kristoffer SPBojo Aas


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Absence/Leaving post number 7? :3

this is leaving post nr.1, the other ones were me just taking a break.. : ) but this time i wont even have my pc so i cant even come back heh : )

Hands up or die by barbosa


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Angelina jolie is in turkey right now.

Dam, should go find her! 9:38 PM and its still hot here, sitting here on the balcony enjoying a cold beer, God bless.

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Oh I didn't mention anyone because you all mean a lot to me, and fun fact, found out I'm friendzoned by the girl I'm traveling with, traveling with her and another couple, God bless, so now I'm sitting in the hotel room abusing the free beer and getting hammered.... Happy summer yall!...

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