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Stop locking/deleting threads

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Yes I agree with this, my video has been supressed under the notion that I was using "real life terror groups content". Just because it shows arabs and arab music with guns, I would like to inform everyone that not all arabs with guns are bad guys but I guess it all looks like isis in the middle east. Its heritage not hate, please stop this censorship.

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Pete your already banned from the servers. We didnt remove your ability to post but that doesn't mean we are going to leave things that could cause issues. The clips you included were overboard no matter what.


Ulrich, we do not run like that but you are welcome to believe as you wish however.

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Can you explain what was wrong with my video, so that I can censor it for possible triggers. I'll check my privilege and repost the censored version.

u showed a real man dieing to gunfire knowing here are underaged kids on the server and the forums


sry man it was well made but content is kinda fucked up tbh

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There are far to many issues in the middle east to show players of that region shooting AKA's and causing mass murder. It is something that is a worldwide issue and so to prevent any issues it just doesn't need to be posted on the forums.

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I understand the need to express yourself but to be honest some things are just better left alone.

The admins/mods will delete threads as needed if they feel the contents might be inappropriate. Honestly this is up to their judgment and I don't complain.

Some threads left on the forums are not particularly helpful towards the community and newcomers alike, but Hades leaves them if they were not out of line.

He made a judgement call which we should all respect and move on. A lot of whining takes place in the Olympus forums and this is one that it is going to start and will end with an abundant amount of pages.

Please, everyone keep it civil and put up your opinions as to why you believe the video should have not been removed in a nice and mature way. Don't start cussing and throwing a hissy fit because it will get locked faster than you lock a 1970 YUGO by punching the cheap/crap manual locks it had.

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u think its fun to see how people die? u its fun for there family and there friends too to see it? or to know people make fun about it? did u ever hear of post-traumatic stress disorder? i know a american soldier stationed close to me hes a giant black man whit 2,08m and hands bigger then my head and im a grown man he was involved in the irak war and im glad that i wasnt but if u ask him he probably wouldnt say its funny...but maybe u change your mind if u ever experience a situation like that

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Goldberg, it's a video game.. scratch that an RPG first person SHOOTER thus why the guns were involved and showing their roleplaying situation. Many people get rp situations from things around them. If you go watch a video of it, to cope with it you can make a joke out of it (which a lot of people do). I never said it was funny for people to die. I said it was a funny video because it was obviously a joke. And again I will state, this is a video game after all. You do not need to blow this out of contrast, it was just an offensive rp session to some and that is understandable but it shouldn't be some sort of taboo. It's simply a clip of someone in a video game shooting a rocket with some music in the background. It does not support terrorist groups in anyway, it just shows that you can titan someone standing right in front of you.

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im not sure if u saw the video

ask for the link and watch closer at 3:40min and tell me if thats a video game or if u would want your kids or your little brother or sister watching somethink like this in, like u say, there video game or there video game community

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I have just watched the video and I was talking about something else but when looking at it all I saw were people walking around with weapons, tell me if I am on the incorrect video and so you are saying with the parents permission to play this game they can play a video game where they shoot people but a clip of people walking around with an rpg or ak is not acceptable. Kids that are underaged need the permission before purchasing this game. It is the parents decision at that point. There is a reason why this game is rated M for mature.

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sorry man youre trying to be ignorant here man come on we both know there is a huge difference betwen people walking around whit guns, people shoting guns for practice or hunting and people shoting guns at other people to kill them...

im not talking about there party at the end ulrich...but u guys are just trying to ignore what im trying to say here


and tbh here u guys are even more racist...i mean u dont see the guy that is shoting but u play muslimic musik in the background what makes people even more think muslims are terrorists at least those that are easy to influence

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Okay well I need to step in again. No actual people were killed in that video, it was people in video games. Find me one part in the videos where there is an actual person that is killed other than someone in arma. There is a difference.

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