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Mayhem - I called it!

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As I've told many members of M (Kevin), That the Fall of Mayhem was coming. I predicted that One of the 3 Leaders (I said Deimos) would take all the funds.

I also Stated one would Rage and/or get banned (I assumed Huskers (Sorry Huskers)) and without the head Mahem would die.


My educated guess cam,e from the fact that "History repeats itself"






Bill Cosby got K/Oed in a Sport match and his mood went all PMS

Jopple took all the Funds and went AFK for about 2 weeks till the cover calmed down


EVIDENCE B for Burban



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To clarify Jopple did not take all the funds, HE divided it between ACTIVE members of the gang that were doing cartels often. Bill was offered a cut. I dont remember if he took it or not. The problem was that we couldnt get Bill in game long enough to divide it up. So we just took them and did it ourselves. 

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