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blah blah blah, enough posts about this. the ones that wanted a cut were to text Demios / Huskers and they would hit you up. the money was taken out to Warfare wouldnt take it. and yes doe, Rip

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I dont understand where people are coming out with this "they arent getting a cut of the money".


I'll come and officially say from BurBan that we are receiving exactly $0 of those funds.


All monies from M are being divided up between the individuals who helped earn them, that is the M gang. Deimos is speaking to individuals regarding their piece of the pie, and has openly requested all members to speak to him regarding following the merger/receiving their funds.



Please stop spreading bullshit rumors around when you are not involved to know what is even happening.

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 the money was taken out to Warfare wouldnt take it. and yes doe, Rip



Why didn't you leave it for the gang who earned the money. If you wanted to leave you didn't have to merge the gang.

(In reply to Deimos)

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you must not read all of the replies..

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Can we stop spreading BS rumors it's really annoying. I didn't "steal" the money that's that. If anyone says that didn't receive their cut that's because they haven't contacted me.

I didn't get a cut :( I won't be back until the 23rd..

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