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"Natsirt is Hacks"

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlXEa2QIorg&feature=youtu.be


Explanation: Night Watch (NW) tryed to do a Highway Patrol takeover, but it was voided due to some things that were not in the text that should have been, like what hq was being taken over, and how long until the hq takeover was live, so I got killed once, respawned and took down a bunch of NW, and got called a hacker, this is one of the best moments of my olympus career, and then later T does a jailbreak and they all call me hacker. I love these moments and I hope they happen again, especially before my break from olympus :)!


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That names brings me back to my mw2 trickshotting clan, PM me we only set up all our clips. xXSwegYoloQuikSh0tXIx on live bro swag, I'll be taking your weapon since it is illegal and here's your ticket of 28,200 oh yeah and jail *sends to jail*

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