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What's your speed?

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I'm looking around for better server providers and found one with pretty nice specs as well as prices. One downside that I noticed is it's data-center is not located in Murica. What kind of ping are you guys getting from this speedtest? Is it better or worse, and is it decent?



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You can't take the ping that is shown in the filter menu to connect to a server.  For me it is always in the 200 ms+.  In game and connected to server I get between 30-50 ms.

Yea the server browser menu is very innacurate. Refresh and it can vary by a few 100ms

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Well I ordered one of their servers just to try it out and stress test it. Server 1 will be replaced with this machine in the next few days but players will notice no difference whatsoever except for maybe better fps, we'll see. There also should be no downtime as well. The server has 50% more cpu cores, 50% more cpu smart cache and roughly the same cpu speed. Also 128gb of ram which i'll never use but whatever, it comes with the package. Also it's all for the same cost I'm paying for our current server so yea, not bad. Like I said only downside is the location unfortunately :|

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I'm out in southern california. Probably the furthest point geographically from the new server. I'll get home and do a ping test and report back with results.

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