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Federal reserve Map

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Hi, does anyone have FED RESERVE aerial shot?.  I mean a screenshot of the Olympus altis life map focused on the FEDERAL RESERVE.  I can't get that myself because I am not at home right now and at the office I can print it out ;). Thanks! 

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Thanks for the reply Devil.  What you sent me was perfect.  I just need it to be able to come up with some strategies of my own to implement when dealing the the fed robbery. 

honestly the only strategy you need is to simply NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PUGH THE GOD DAMN WEST GATE.  If there is anyone watching it from one of the 20 places they can hide and they can shoot in a straight line YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.

You know what screw it if you push west gate IM GOING TO PERM YOU. 


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Working together is always an option...  Everyone always goes screaming off in 10 different directions with no plan whatsoever as soon as the last cop gets killed.  When I am on I usually stay quite and let those who have been around longer take charge as to not step on any toes.  But damn.  Sometimes its hard to bite my tong.  That, and it seems when someone does formulate a plan no one follows it or people are too busy cluttering up TS with random chat.  Personally, I hate doing feds and jail breaks because it is complete chaos. Hell, on top of it if you win you still lose because you have to process a bunch of people that are pissing and moaning about getting caught.  Regardless, to be constructive here.  Perhaps APD should host training that focuses on communication and working as squads to achieve desired goals.  Assuming guys like Bubbaloo take the time to come up with actual strategies.  

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