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RDM Question

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So answer this scenario type question in your head,

Your playing with 3 people, your friend gets kidnapped.  Now you find the kidnappers, and you kill them, saving your friend.  Is this RDM?


the result:

In my opinion it should count as RP, but the apperent result is that it is RDM, what do you think about this?  Should it count as RDM if your saving your friend?

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the issue is that you have to re-initiate / initiate cause if i was telling a guy to put his hands up he could stall and then his friend shoot me in the back so if i heard a hands up or die i have a chance to react. you are not allowed-to do that cause its meta game if ur like im gonna surrender while  your friend comes behind me i have no chance i should just shoot you. but instead i hear the hands up or die and then am able to defend my self #cancer reply's 4 lufe

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