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Well, It looks like this is it

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After accidentally leaving cheat engine open from playing NBA2K14 I joined the server.  I have made a ban appeal, but it has been 2 days since then and it hasn't been dealt with.  It looks like my stay here at Olympus has come to an abrupt end due to an accident.  In the case that my ban stays it has been a pleasure playing with you all and I am really going to miss the community.  Good luck guys.

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Test it for yourself it autobans for having the program open you can unban yourself and phaze you have never played a basketball game, but if you have you would know that having 55 layup rating for a point guard in MyCareer is unbearable

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Oh ofcourse, I know it does. It's supposed to. Why do you think they call it cheat engine, because it's used to cheat. If someone has an application running that is used for cheating in any game imaginable they should be auto banned. Luckily for you I'm nice enough to unban you.

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