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For us 80's and 90's kids.. Happy Back to the future day!

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Today is the official back to the future day!!! Whoever remembers this cult classic post your favorite moments!!! I loved this movie and still do.... give it a chance if you still haven't seen it!Z



This is how we are supposed to be dressed today! :) 




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It's a really good movie.  Special effects-wise you can't expect it to compare to today's standards but it's definitely a cult classic. 

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The first one is an absolute classic.  2&3 are entertaining, but flawed -- I really don't like what the writers did with all of the cheesy parallelisms.  Crispin Glover declining to participate surely didn't help.

I agree.  I don't particularly like the third one as I am not a fan of "Wild west" movies but I loved the 1st and 2nd one.  I agree Crispin Glover was very much needed but the writers found a way to cope without him.  

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