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Frazer's Introduction


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Hey guys!

Just about the real me first. I was been playing Arma for over a year. Milsim is really my thing but I recently took a turn for Altis Life and I love it. Basically the sims with guns, not sure if its gets any better than that! But I has a fairly high ranking Battalion Staff member in my last unit. I also owned an Altis Life server for a while. In addition to that, I'm a self proclaimed developer, I pretty good with scripting and mission editor. I am very good with combat (when I'm not having computer issues), I listen to orders very well and follow them, I am a quick learner and am profficiant in all JTAC and other high level military comms and tactics.

So in-game I will most likely apply for the police. On another server I was a Federal Weapons Marshal and later became the Director of the Federal Investigations Bureau. Currently my headset will not work at all, which would make it impossible for me to talk to anyone, let alone be a government official. 

So my role play for now is that I am a retired Special Forces Operator that used to be with the CIA's Special Activities Division, the Naval Special Warfare Group 4 (the SEALs Special Boat Teams), and then became the Assistant Director of the FBI. I leaked government secrets and now I'm on the run doing deep cover work for the notorious criminals of Olympus Altis Life. My in game name is Frazer Pines, I hope I get to play with some of you guys!


Frazer Pines

P.S. I apologize for any grammar issues, I just woke up!

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