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Never ever ever


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13 minutes ago, Gidgit said:

I would never in my life wish any type of tooth pain upon someone. The pain I've had for the last few days has been so unbearable. Went to the dentist. Got me some goods. Should be ready to rock and roll tonight. Get ready boys. Mr potato aim is coming back

Oh no Señor Gidgit. Get well soon. If you are coming back tonight. Let's do this!! Potato aims galore! ( me too by the way ) 

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Just now, Pringle Mccringleberry said:

potatoes are bae

OMG. I think you are right. I love Doritos but I LOVE Ruffles even more... I give in... 

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Ruffles (ridged ruffles) are absolute shit






step it up



its all about the mixxed bag of cheetos because then all the cheese mixes together and ur like hey bro pass the controler LOL XD MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMED MY FAM MEMED


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