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If you can't provide proof of the situation then your not going to receive compensation. I was looking over the comp requests the other night and quite a few players think that they can request comp without any evidence of the situation. Even if a hacker kills you we still need some form of evidence showing that you were killed by a hacker. A simple screenshot is better than nothing.

Another thing I have noticed is big money players requesting comp for losing a simple load out. If you have over 5 mil don't be requesting comp because you lost a gun with a vest. Losing stuff is part of this game. If you have more than enough money to re-buy your gear without taking a major chunk out of your bank then please refrain from submitting a ticket or it will be a waste of your time. ^_____^

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Sooooo... this one guy rdmed me while i was in my Taru Transport with 5 Titans, all loaded, and i had one on by back too. Could you please perm him and comp me for my gear? Oh, and i dont have any video or pictures, but ya should totes take my word for it kuz i would never lie to u, trust me, im a person on the internet!!!!

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